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Choosing Perfumes That Last All Seasons – New Perfumes
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Choosing Perfumes That Last All Seasons

Sean John Unforgivable Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Has an aromatic fougere fragrance
Possesses a distinctive, green, fern-like essence
An expression of pure unrestrained attraction

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Price: £40.00

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With a little bit of experimentation you’ll be changing your perfume as often as the weather; and why not? The changing seasons evoke memories of particular smells. By using the seasons as your perfume inspiration you’ll have a varied collection of scents to take you through the year.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

eau de toilette for men
Classic woody and citrus notes

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Price: £28.45

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Once you’ve found your new favourite perfumes wear them and enjoy, but continue to be on the look out for more fragrances that appeal. Treating yourself to a new perfume can be as therapeutic as a full makeover at a fraction of the price. New fragrances are being launched all the time and barely a week goes by without a new celebrity fragrance being launched. There will always be a constant flow of new perfumes to choose from that will make you feel extra special.

Applying Perfumes for Longer Lasting Results

Having the best designer or discount perfumes would definitely make you feel and smell a lot better, but if you do not know the proper way to apply them, then the goal will be unmet. It is important to apply your perfume at the right places of the body so that it will last as long as it can for the whole day. Fragrances react with heat so it is vital to apply perfume to pulse points like the elbow, wrist, back of knees and cleavage. Never rub your wrists together once you’ve applied perfume in these parts because doing so will just crush the scent.

A good fragrance typically lasts for about six to eight hours. But it also depends on the type and PH level of the skin. Perfumes often last longer on oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture that holds in the scent. If you have very dry skin, you may opt to use a fragrance-free moisturiS

er before applying your perfume or cologne to make the scent last longer. The amount of acidity in our skin or the PH level also varies. The PH level determines how an ingredient or perfume will react with your body chemistry; this is why perfumes work differently in each person. Thus, you have to examine each perfume carefully and how it reacts with your skin before you decide on your signature scent.
Another body part that is great to apply perfume on is behind your ears. Meanwhile, ladies can wear a small cotton ball sprayed with their perfumes inside their bras for a longer lasting scent. Even a light spray on the hair can really help, although of course it will have to be really light lest you want your hair to react negatively. In addition, you can also apply same-scented products to layer on the fragrance and really lengthen the scent. For instance, if a certain scent comes in a lotion, perfume, and soap, then use all three before you go out to make sure you smell fabulous all throughout the day.

Once you know how to best apply perfume on your body, it’s time to choose which scent you want evoke. If you’re a woman who wants a romantic and womanly scent, perfumes based on Ylang ylang are often ideal and great to use for dates. If you intend things to go a bit further, wear perfumes based on jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, and rose which are known for their aphrodisiac properties. Jasmine, in particular, has a very sensual fragrance that is said to have a great effect on the female hormones. Patchouli has a very strong musky scent that is often considered sexy. It can be overpowering sometimes on its own but when blended with other notes, it can be very seductive. Musk meanwhile is the powerful and potent masculine scent and is great to mix with other scents to add a touch of potent mystery. Even flowery perfumes often contain a trace of musk for added ?bite

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